Towing Service

With each passing day, hundreds of people find themselves in the same boat. They are driving down the road when their vehicle’s engine starts to splutter. As the car comes to a halt in the middle of the road, they are left without the slightest idea how they are going to get their vehicle to an auto store. The answer is rather easy. A towing service can go the extra mile to rescue them from a dangerous situation. Auto Recovery & Towing in Versailles KY has been serving vehicle owners since 2004. Those living in the area know only too well that we can tow their car wherever it may be stranded, and then take it to an auto repair shop of their choice. Since we have been in the business for so long, we have towed thousands of cars, so you can count on us to offer you the best service possible.

Emergency Towing Service in Versailles KYIf you’ve been involved in an accident or a car collision hard enough to damage your vehicle severely, you may not be able to get behind the wheel and drive away from that place. Another possible scenario is that you were shopping, for example, you walked back to get in your car, tried starting the engine so you could return home, but it wouldn’t start. These situations can leave you stranded on the road, all alone, and make you feel powerless. If you want to be relieved and feel secure about a successful outcome you should have Auto Recovery & Towing’s phone number at hand and call us immediately for towing in Versailles KY.

Once we arrive at your location, our professionally trained towing specialists will hook up your vehicle to our auto wrecker.

Usually we use a standard tow truck, but some situations require transportation such as a flatbed wrecker. This is typically used when a car has been involved in a serious collision. When a car is damaged, it may not be able to roll down the road as we tow it. After your vehicle is installed on the flatbed, we will give you a ride to our office, your home, or anywhere else you wish. This is what no other towing service provider in the Versailles KY area does.

So next time you’re stranded because your engine doesn’t run give Auto Recovery & Towing a call at (859) 879-9976 and will get to you as soon as we can.